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Folklore Recreation

Since 1986, We have had a planning department to create original products from clothing to sundries to accessories.
It had become necessary to adjust the gap between the limitation in the types of local traditional crafts and the needs of modern lifestyles.
We take it to heart to personally travel to the area and absorb the local culture into our skin, and at the same time, aim to develop products that have a sense of unity with the local artisans.


Our Workshop

The commercial materials we use are mostly handmade at our production centers that work with traditional techniques. These materials have a warmth and depth as they are created through interaction and communication with the local people.
Unlike the uniform cookie-cutter production style of industrial products, each of our products turn out unique and slightly different, even if they are the same product. This is where you will feel that homemade charm.
But we deepen the understanding of how production works in order to pursue the best quality work to be delivered as best as we can. As our loyal customers, we want you to know how we operate so that you can continue to love our products the way we make them. 


Our Family of Brands


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 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

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