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Since 1977, from Yokohama Japan

The Fortress of Folklore belongs in Yokohama, where the cultural enlightenment movement began.

Amina Collection was established by its founder, Yukihiko Shindo (known as BOSS), who moved from Tokyo to Yokohama just for this reason. Raised in Karatsu by the ocean, the scent of the sea breeze was a sort of healing cure for BOSS.

Yokohama was also the international trading port where Japan first accepted Western culture and trades, during both the Meiji era and the postwar occupation era. This was the city that completely changed Japanese Folklore. Both good and bad of the modern era all began here. It is the perfect location to set up The Fortress of Folklore. This is where the sounds of cultural enlightenment rang during the Meiji restoration period. And now, we re-examine what the movement truly brought to us.






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